Toilets are getting smarter | News Splash from #CES2016 | Wat A Gadget

The renowned bathroom and sanitary wear manufacturer, Toto, Showcased its self-cleaning smart toilet in CES 2016. With the price of $9800 its quite expensive, however, it comes with heaps of nifty features that substantiate this price. Despite of this hefty price more than 40 million earlier versions of the Neorest toilets have been vended, according to the report.

Smart Toilets from Toto

The smart toilet can nous your presence, resistor the odour around it, and best of all, won’t necessitate cleaning for about a year. This smart toilet is the result of combination of several technologies. It uses Actilight technology that practises UV light in tandem with a photocatalytic coating to eradicate visible and unseen waste. The special electrolysis process electrolysed water which works as a weak bleach. There are two commanding water nozzles, and the bowl which is made with dirt-resistant material and has a very even surface which Toto calls CeFiONtect.

It comes with a changeable heated seat and regulating spray position. The toilet has an extended function of auto lid open/close, with flush-on-close feature. Accompanied with Multifunctional Remote Control this intelligent toilet requires cleaning only once in a year.

Toto spokeswoman Lenora Campos, in the event explains its working in following statements :

“It’s self-cleaning process uses a combination of a disinfectant and a glaze – made out of zirconium and titanium dioxide – which coats the bowl. Once it flushes it sprays the interior of the bowl with electrolysed water. “Proprietary process” essentially turns the water into a weak bleach. This bleaches the interior, killing anything in the bowl, Meanwhile an ultraviolet light in the lid charges the surface. That makes it super-hydrophilic – or water-loving, so nothing can stick to it – and also photocatalytic, enabling oxygen ions to break down bacteria and viruses.”

While many of the hotel owners at the event stay quite on media questions on their interest on using such a product in their hotels, while some experts thinks it’s an achievement and we are on our way in making our homes more smarter.