D-Link’s Smart Alarm Detector Propels Signals to Your Phone


Mounting on its assortment of smarthome accessories, D-Link has introduced new device this week that makes it easy to assimilate your prevailing ‘dumb’ smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into your smarthome setup.

The DCH-S165 mydlink Smart Alarm Detector plugs into any AC outlet and connects with the mydlink Linked Home Hub using your home’s wifi network.  Once setup, the device continuously heeds for the discrete and homogeneous alarm sounds that smoke and CO detectors make when they’ve been activated. If it detects them, the DCH-S165 will ship signals to your smartphone or other mobile devices.

The device is easy to setup and has a listening range of up to 50 feet, and integrates with D-Link’s other smart home products.

Dlink Setup

Photo Credit : US.Dlink

Know what is happening at your home, no matter where you are with D-Link’s Smart Alarm Detector that will go on sale during the second quarter of 2016 at the estimated cost of $6o.